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Charity Corporate Partnerships

As a small charity every single bit of help we receive goes a long way. People help us in all sorts of ways such as donating, doing a sponsored event and volunteering. We are always grateful to the individuals who support us in any way they can but it is not just individuals who can make the difference – other organisations also make a massive difference to what we do here.

Quilter Cheviot corporate donation to The Brain Charity

How you can help us?

There are many ways that you can help us and here are some ideas. Firstly and most simply, donate money so we can continue to run the charity most effectively. You could also donate staff time to important projects we are running, our friends over at Create Construction Ltd often help us with building and maintenance tasks such as putting up signs or fixing doors. If you run a Charity of the Year scheme, choose us so that those who are aware of you can gain an awareness of us. Finally you could take part in or run your own fundraising event. This could be anything from a cake sale in your office to a sky dive. These aren’t the only ways you can partner with the charity, so if you have any of your own ideas we would love to hear about them.

What we look for in a corporate partner

The Brain Charity team winning the Managing Turnaround Award at the Charity Governance Awards 2018

The most important thing we at The Brain Charity look for in a corporate partner is a company who share the same values as us. Obviously we are passionate about supporting those affected by neurological conditions – we aren’t just looking for people with knowledge of this specific area, but we are looking for people who value compassion and empathy. We value corporate partners who understand that we shouldn’t be asking people with neurological conditions to be fitting into the world, but that we should be working hard to change the world to include people with neurological conditions.

The importance of corporate partnership to you

Partnering with a charity sets your business apart. It is a great way of showing your clients that your everyday values align with theirs. This has become much more important in the modern world, where consumers are more ethically conscious. Helping our charity contributes to your community.

The Brain Charity receives the Queens Award for Voluntary Service

It always boosts staff moral to have a strong partnership with a charity, be that regularly fundraising for a good cause or having staff physically assisting in the charity’s centre. When you start seeing the positive impact your work is having, you make a positive impression on those you work with and those you would like to do business with in the future.

Working with a charity is also a way of building your Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) which is a vital part of competitive business in the 21st Century. There is no better way of building your CSR than by working with a local charity. If your business is based in Liverpool, look no further than The Brain Charity.

Why choose us?

There are many great charities that help people with individual conditions like Parkinson’s UK, Epilepsy Action and the Stroke Association to name a few – they all do vital work helping people with those respective conditions. We are different because we help all people with neurological conditions including people with ones you have heard of, such as Parkinson’s and epilepsy, but we also help people with conditions you have probably never heard of such as Alice in Wonderland Syndrome, Cavernoma or Lissencephaly. Some conditions are so rare that they can’t have a whole charity dedicated to them and this is where we step in to provide vital support.

The Brain Charity's fundraisers at the Co op

The need is great. According to a UN World Health Organisation study published back in 2007 nearly 1 in 6 people have a neurological disorder. That means there are around 1.2 billion people with a neurological disorder in the world - which is is about 20 times the population of the whole of the UK! According to a Neurological Alliance study published in 2014 there are 12.5 million cases of neurological conditions in England alone - it is our aim to help every single one.

We work exceedingly hard with the resources available to us; by increasing our resources you will radically improve what we can offer to our community. It would be impossible for us to be able to do what we do without our amazing community of volunteers. Lots of charities claim that they have the best volunteers, but our volunteers won the Queen’s Award which is the highest accolade a volunteer group can win in the UK.

The Brain Charity receives the Queens Award for Voluntary Service

The Brain Charity is now 25 years old, a huge milestone for any charity especially in the current climate. Over that time we have achieved so much and helped so many people, not just in Liverpool but throughout the UK, and we would love for you to be a part of the next 25 years.

Meet some of our corporate partners

Several branches of Sainsbury’s and the Co-op have made us one of their local community partners. This has helped us in many ways, primarily by letting us place collection tins in their stores, but they have also allowed us to have volunteers to collect in store and helped advertise our events. Both the Co-op and Sainsbury’s have donated food for our events and the Co-op donated staff time so that they could act as servers at our Queen’s Award Celebrations

Corporate Partnership with The Brain Charity 004

It was a privilege for us to be named as Influential's Charity of the Year. This was a great help in creating our main stock of leaflets as well as helping us with press releases for our events and many other things besides. Our partnership with Influential has been an integral part of the charity growing as an organisation and making us more approachable by assisting us through our rebrand in 2015. Subsequently, Karen Swan, Influential’s Director has joined our board of Trustees. Karen said this about working with us, “The Brain Charity plays a vital role in supporting some of the country’s most marginalised and isolated individuals and we're delighted to be associated with such a wonderful organisation.”

How you can help

We are always trying to find ways to improve ourselves as a charity and there are loads of different ways that you can help. Obviously, to a small charity like ourselves, money is always extremely useful. This could go towards items such as revamping our chairs, keeping the centre warm or even covering the cost of a new member of staff so as to increase the amount of people we can help.

Money isn’t the only way that you can help us. Companies and people with specialist areas of expertise are always welcome, for example, our legal partners do a great job of giving our service users legal advice.

Corporate Partnership with The Brain Charity 00460

Code of Fundraising Practice and Guidance

When working with businesses we follow best practice guidance as outlined in the Fundraising Regulator’s Charities Working with Business Code of Fundraising Practice.

Partnership with The Brain Charity

Whether you want to support us as your Charity of the Year, join in with our events, choose us for Payroll Giving, or get involved by volunteering, we would love to work with you.

You will be assigned a dedicated member of our team who will help you get involved in a way that is right for you.
We are here to make working with us as easy – and rewarding! – as possible.

If you are interested in partnering with us, please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 0151 298 2999 and ask to speak to fundraising.